Everything a well-stocked guest room needs

I feel like I should install a revolving door on my guest room this summer.


I feel like I should install a revolving door on my guest room this summer. With many family and friends deciding to take staycations, my city place has become a popular destination for those choosing a big city experience. I am lucky that I have a separate bedroom and bathroom for guests but for some, a pull-out sofa and spare towel is all that's available. Here are a few great ideas to make your guests feel like they are experiencing a five-star hotel stay no matter how you put them up:

Sofa surfing
• Add a feather bed (a thick duvet-like comforter) on top of the mattress for a more luxurious sleep. Make sure the sheets smell fresh and are clean.
• Once you have pulled out the mattress, cover the entire couch with a freshly laundered king-size sheet. It will create a barrier from the upholstery fabric so your guests won’t feel like they are sleeping on your sofa.
• Clear the clutter on your end table and use it as a night-side table; an alarm clock, lamp and a bottle of water will welcome your guests.
• Fill a tote bag with bathroom essentials and leave it by the sofa. This will help keep a shared bathroom organized if everyone has their own storage.


Making room
• Make sure bedding, mattress and pillow covers are cleaned. Spritz fabric refresher (like Febreeze) between mattress, coverings, sheets and duvets so the bed smells fresh throughout the stay. A scented candle will also help to create a fresh smell in the room.
• Freshen pillows by tumbling them on low heat in the dryer; this will also plump them up.
• Window-darkening shades are a necessity; a simple pull-down roll blind is a great inexpensive option.
• Keep supplies like towels, bedding, bathroom tissue, soaps and candles a notch above the quality you would normally have in your home.