When I was as young as five years old my inner decorator had me volunteering to create the Thanksgiving centrepiece for the dining table.

I’d collect fallen branches, rusty-coloured leaves and pinecones to make an elegant arrangement in the middle of the table.

Looking back at old family photos I realized that my hodgepodge of outdoor elements looked more rustic than elegant.

Here’s how I will be decorating the Thanksgiving table this weekend.


Choose a table colour scheme

I’ve decided to mix neutral colours like brown and grey in my dishes and add trendy colours like orange, reds and greens.

If you (or your parents) have vintage Denby pottery in oatmeal or stone colours then bring it out for an earthy, pottered look for this year’s celebration.

I’ll be using the pewter collection from Corelle — the unbreakable dishes have some great trend-setting colours and patterns that fit right in with my busy lifestyle and will be perfect for those clumsy friends of mine. Also, at less than $20 per place setting, I’ve stocked up with anticipation of upcoming holiday buffet parties.

Add some dazzle

As casual as the inexpensive dinner ware means adding some elegance to the table.

Layering some silver charger plates under the dishes will boost the image, and pulling out the oversized Riedel wine glasses will make everyone feel like a king and queen at the table.

Consider buying the right size and shape of glass for the wine that you most enjoy drinking. That way you can afford such a small luxury for entertaining.

I will also be breaking tradition and surprising my guests by serving a red wine with the turkey dinner.

Wine experts say Pinot Noir is a great choice as it is light and peppery and goes well with the elements of a turkey dinner.

Spice up the table

I like to mix fresh flowers, mini pumpkins and leaves with artificial elements. A tiny pumpkin used as a vase with two or three silk flowers makes for fun individual arrangements at each place setting.

The mini pumpkins are also great as a votive candle holder and when boiled in simple syrup, they make tasty and edible bowls for serving dessert.

Go glam

I like the layer the table with luxurious fabrics to set the tone of an eclectic meal.

A lush throw, washable silk quilt or faux fur often help to add the glam factor to the table.

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