Sir Paul McCartney came and left Halifax in a flash, taking off shortly after his spectacular Saturday night show, sources say.

“He departed right after the concert,” a source who wished to remain anonymous, revealed yesterday. “He did not return to the hotel.”

Although he wasn’t in town for long, it sounds as though Halifax still managed to make a positive impression on him, even though he spent a good chunk of his short time here hanging out in the Victoria Suite at the Lord Nelson Hotel on South Park Street.


“He walked into his room and he said ‘wow,’ ” the source said. “He saw that (the hotel) had rented him a piano. He immediately sat down and started to play.”

The source said he was “very kind” to staff, shared some family photos and for the most part "dined in his room," adding the hotel provided organic food for the vegetarian musician.

McCartney’s private jet touched down on Nova Scotia soil Friday. The source said his only requests were for lilies to be put in his room and for his suit to be pressed before he hit the Halifax Common stage.

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