Eleanor Clitheroe, who made millions at the helm of Hydro One Inc. before being fired, is arguing it is “pure vindictiveness” for the government to limit her pension.

Clitheroe, who was dismissed in July 2002 after weeks of controversy over executive salaries at the province’s publicly owned transmission utility, is suing Hydro One.

Clitheroe is arguing she is entitled to $33,644.21 a month — slightly more than the average Hydro One pensioner gets annually. Her pension is capped at $25,637.08 a month — or $307,644.96 a year — due to legislation passed by the government limiting executive salaries at the utility, but Clitheroe is arguing she should receive $464,133.84 per year.

The lawsuit was originally dismissed, but in appealing it Clitheroe notes she worked 16-hour days and earned bonuses for her performance and is the only income earner for a family of four.

The Court of Appeal for Ontario is set to hear arguments tomorrow.