A handcuffed, shouting ex-city councillor was thrown in jail yesterday without a chance to pass go or collect $200.

Michael Phair donned a pretend prison-issue jumpsuit, pleading with Edmontonians to vote for the city’s place in the newest edition of Canadian Monopoly.

Twenty spots are available and will be granted to the cities with the most votes.

“We can beat every town. We’re just getting started and rolling. This is a big city, we dream big, and we’re going to make this a big production,” Phair said. “We’ll be on that new Monopoly board when it comes out — believe me.”

Edmonton sat smack in the middle yesterday afternoon in 10th place, between Kawartha Lakes, Ont., and St. John’s, N.L.

A tiny Quebec town, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, was in first place yesterday, while Toronto sat in the 20th spot.

“We know Edmontonians will rally to the cause and get us into the top 10,” city manager Robert Moyles said. “It would be great to have everyone in Canada who plays the game to see us and put us on the map.”

Voting at monopolyvote.ca closes Feb. 7.

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