The province has picked its man to review political salaries and expenses.

The Internal Economy Board has hired former Tory house speaker Arthur Donahoe to conduct a review of MLA pay.

It will cost $59,000 and Donahoe’s final report is due by July 31, 2010.

“He has an expertise. He’s well thought of internationally, he’s a formal head of the parliamentary association,” said deputy premier Frank Corbett.

“So, he brings to that an international perspective and the perspective of a former speaker so he knows the intricacies. I think he’s a great choice.”

Donahoe is charged with reviewing all issues under control of the Internal Economy Board, the group of MLAs that set salaries, expenses and perks.

Another review is currently underway by the province’s auditor general, Jacques Lapointe. That report is expected to be released this January.

Corbett said the six-month delay between the two reviews is partly due to Donahoe being out of the province for a period of time.