Mike McCourt: Are you disillusioned then by the number of forums or the electoral process itself? Is it in need of reform?

Wayne Stewart: I do. I don’t know why we’ve had so many forums this year. The fact is the forums are distracting us. We haven’t been able to get below the surface.

MM: OK, let’s see if we can change that here. You have a track record in business and community service and in volunteerism. You’ve gotten some very significant endorsements but you haven’t gotten much rubber on the road. Why is that?

WS: Well, that’s the question that we keep asking ourselves. The interesting thing is that when I connect with people on the road I’m getting universal support, but I am not able to connect ...

MM: But you know as well as I do, Mr. Stewart, that people go, “Oh yeah, I like you, I’m going to vote for you” when they don’t in fact mean it.

WS: I understand that. You can easily get deluded. But your question was what happened to our campaign? I’m very well-known in a narrow portion in our community but not well-known beyond, and for some reason we haven’t been able to get the traction.

MM: You have, as of yesterday, fired a warning shot across the bow of civic managers and employees and said if a review reveals that they haven’t been doing their jobs, you are going to fire them out the door.

WS: I’m going to replace them, that’s right. And I think it’s time someone starts to talk about the role of city hall in the financial mess we’ve got.

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