Man says police unnecessarily Tasered him

A man who claims he was Tasered by police at an apartment says officers were silent when he questioned them on why they were arresting his girlfriend.

During an appeal hearing being reviewed by the province’s Law Enforcement Review Board yesterday, Virgil Holloway says he was unnecessarily Tasered as he questioned police why they were arresting his girlfriend.


He’s also says police unlawfully entered and searched the apartment.

Police were responding to a noise complaint at the apartment during the night of Feb. 19, 2003.

In Holloway’s testimony, he said police arrested his girlfriend who was screaming, before he claims he was tackled then Tasered by Const. Jason Mitzel after he questioned police on why they were arresting her.

Holloway, who has a third-level black belt in karate, says he was in the bathroom when he heard his girlfriend scream.

"When I came out, I heard she was getting a licking," said Holloway who is no longer with his girlfriend.

After the incident, Holloway was charged with obstruction, which was later withdrawn by a provincial court judge.

A lawyer representing Mitzel questioned Holloway on his claims and says Holloway physically intervened on police while they were arresting his girlfriend after she allegedly gave them a false name.

Mitzel, who says he never used a Taser on Holloway, told the review panel the girlfriend was abusive towards police when they arrived and she continued to be actively resisting police when she was arrested.

"As we were getting control of her, he comes out, it was all pretty quick," said the officer.

"It was a struggle with (Holloway) in what I would classify was a big struggle."

messy arrest

  • Mitzel noted the apartment was littered with bottles of booze. The hearing continues through Thursday.

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