Photos courtesy of Dave Norona


Cynthia Young heads off into the trails with her son Malcolm on their daily ride.


Meanwhile, Karen Stark, left, and her daughter Lily explore Lynn Headwaters Park in North Vancouver.

There is no doubt that when you have a baby there is little quiet time alone or for training. Most new parents struggle to find the time to do anything except care for their newborns. However, babies are so forgiving in the beginning that it is a great time to get outside and share the beautiful outdoors with them. And let’s not forget to to mention the amazing ab, butt and thigh workout pushing, pulling and carrying an extra 10-15 pounds around provides.

There’s no doubt that getting back in shape after having a baby is a challenge. However, getting back to your pre-pregnancy fitness level will give you more energy for the long days ahead. Remember to ease into any activity and don’t be focused on losing the weight fast. Go easy at first, keep an eye on your heart rate and do what your body says and rest when you’re tired. It’s also important to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Below are a few ideas to make it a little easier to get outside and get some fresh air with your baby. This way you can get them started on the road to exploring the great outdoors and hopefully they’ll be hooked on a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

There are many companies making it easier to get outside with your baby. The ultimate has to be the off-road carriers that can be used for running, towing behind a bike or on the snow with skis. These allow the baby to stay comfortable and warm while also being able to see what’s going on around them. This also allows you to jog, bike, or ski with your baby and shed those last few post-pregnancy pounds. Choose one that can do multiple functions, therefore, allowing you to do more things without the added cost.

By training with your baby in the morning, you can wake up together, feed and head outside. Then you will be back in time for lunch at home and a nap. While out, tie a toy to your backpack or stroller for them to look at or play with. It will keep them occupied. Newborns should be in a front pack as it is more comfortable for them to sleep and you can keep an eye on them. Check the back of their neck to ensure they are not too cold or too hot and take them out of their packs or strollers often — they don’t like cramped legs any more than we do.

Carry extra food, bottles and clothing with you so that you have all your amenities ready when needed. Being self-sufficient means that you will have less stress and you and your baby will be more comfortable while you’re out exploring.

Fresh air and exercise is good for everyone. Get outside with your baby and show them how much you love them. It will keep you both balanced, refreshed and healthy.

gear guide

BOB Revolution Stroller

Description: This on/off-road stroller chews up the trails, while keeping the little passengers comfortable and safe. Easy maneuverability, lightweight tubular aluminum frame and the quick release wheels and collapsible frame make it easy to transport.

Price range: $399

Where to find it:

Po Po’s Ponchos

Description: Dressing babies and kids for the outdoors can be a challenge. Po Po’s Ponchos keep them warm, comfortable and looking cute. Constructed from non-pilling high quality micro fleece, sweatshirt fleece and 100 per cent cotton trim. Price range: $40

Where to find it:

Mally Bibs

Description: Bibs out of leather? It’s durable, cleans easily, and is water resistant! What a great idea for a day out or an overnight camping trip with the kids. Magnetic buttons allow for easy and adjustable fit and it sticks to the refrigerator when your done.

Price range: $32.95

Where to find it:

Lululemon Scuba Hoodie

Description: Mom needs to look and feel great too! The Scuba Hoodie is designed to look, fit and feel comfortable close to your body. Great fit, style and hoodie for those cold evenings.

Price range: $84.99

Where to find it: