Despite the rain, the Off may stay on Calgary shelves for a bit longer, according to the city pest control officials.

Simon Wilkins, pest control management co-ordinator, said while the city has seen a lot of rain lately, the rain has been soaking into the ground taking away from “standing water” habitats for the pesky insects.

“There has been a lot of rain but it’s also been cold and the ground is dry so a lot of the water is soaking into the ground,” Wilkins said.

When the weather warms up near mid-July Wilkins said Calgarians should expect a “normal” amount of mosquitoes, but more than we had last year.

“Last year was good conditions for not having mosquitoes but this year the conditions will be ripe for having more of them.”

Wilkins said the city attempts to control about 95 per cent of the bloodsuckers before they get too bad and encourages people to avoid standing water habitats where the skeeters flourish.

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