Jimi Hendrix’s grandmother’s Vancouver restaurant will open to the public today after months of restoration.

The grand opening will feature look-a-likes and the CD release of building owner Vincent Fedora.
The inside of the building has been restored to its original look and painted red, orange and purple.

Fedora discovered the property’s history when he visited the Jimi Hendrix Experience Museum in Seattle. He saw an envelope containing a postcard Jimi Hendrix wrote to his grandmother with the address of his property, 207 Union St., written on it.

“I was kind of surprised. I thought maybe there was some kind of mistake,” Fedora said upon seeing the address. When he returned to Vancouver, Fedora did some research and talked to old neighbours.

Eventually, he learned that the building belonged to Hendrix’s grandmother, who has since died, and that Jimi himself spent many nights living there in his 20s.

Fedora said the building is only opening to the public for one day. “It’s not going to be a public place,” said Fedora. “If somebody wants to go some other day and they phone me and say they want to look inside, I will take them.”

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