Half of all Edmonton residents are overweight because they can’t find the time to eat healthy and exercise, an expert on obesity said yesterday.



Dr. Arya Sharma, a medical director with Capital Health’s Weight Wise initiative, says Edmontonians and those who live in the region don’t take the time to prepare healthy foods or workout because of their hectic schedules.


"A lot of people will skip breakfasts or they won’t actually have a proper lunch so by the time they get home in the evening, they’re really starved and then they’ll be eating too much," he said. "When you are starving, you end up eating too much."

Sharma also blames the local rate of obesity on restaurants for serving heaping portions of food.

"If you are just a little guy walking into the restaurant, you are still going to get that same, large portion of food," he said.

Obesity puts people at greater risk for increased cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, respiratory problems, infertility and a plethora of other health concerns, said Sharma.

If left untreated, obesity can threaten a person’s physical, mental, social and a person’s economic well-being, say health officials.


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  • One in every four children in Alberta is obese, according to Capital Health.