The province’s chief forensic pathologist will be at the scene of a triple homicide in Ottawa today to aid in the ongoing investigation, city police announced yesterday.

Dr. Michael Pollanen of the Toronto-based Ontario Centre of Forensic Science will meet with Ottawa Police’s lead investigators into the case at the Riverside Drive apartment where three people were found murdered last Saturday. Autopsies have indicated the three were killed up to 24 hours earlier.

Pollanen will be searching for “clues, pieces of evidence, like our identification officers, but even more in-depth,” Staff-Sgt. Monique Perras said.


Since appealing for the public to provide information, city police had received 15 tips as of 11 a.m. yesterday regarding the deaths of 77-year-old tax court judge Alban Garon, his wife Raymonde, 73, and their friend and neighbour Marie-Claire Beniskos, 78.

Although police are no longer monitoring the front gate at the building, they remain on scene canvassing residents and surrounding areas.

Perras said that investigators are expected to be on scene for another few days and a criminal behaviour analyst met with investigators on Wednesday.

“That person can be called a criminal profiler,” Perras said. “They would study the crime scene and come up with a report, a profile on the suspect.”

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