It may seem like common sense, but it’s a good idea to get to the airport before your flight is scheduled to depart — not 24 hours later.

Claire Newell, host of Global TV’s Travel Best Bets, offers that bit of advice in her new book of the same title (published by Whitecap Books).

“I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard about people missing flights because they read their flight schedule incorrectly,” writes Newell, founder of Jubilee Tours And Travel Ltd., one of Canada’s largest independent travel agencies.


The confusion stems from the fact that travel documents usually use the 24-hour clock, not a.m. or p.m. times. “The most common error I see is travellers showing up on the wrong day for flights leaving just after midnight.”

For example, “if you’re set to depart on Sept. 7 at 0025, you must check in late on Sept. 6. I’ve seen many people make the mistake of showing up late on Sept. 7 to find their flight had left almost 24 hours before they arrived.”

Newell also advises people to check travel documents, including e-tickets, as soon as they get them — not the day before their flight, when it may be too late to correct any errors. “The name on your ticket must be your legal name — the same one that’s on identification such as your passport — otherwise you could be denied boarding.”

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