TORONTO - Her stolen laptop computer has been returned, minus irreplaceable family photos, but a Winnipeg woman says she's "great."

"I do have the laptop and (a suspect) has been caught and those are wonderful things," Teresa Solta said Thursday.

Solta's laptop was stolen last Saturday from a Toronto cancer centre where she is staying with her father as he undergoes treatment.

The laptop held about 1,000 pictures of Solta's 17-year-old daughter Marisa, who died in March after a nine-year battle with cancer.

The laptop was recovered Wednesday night, but the hard drive was wiped clean. Solta said she has taken it to a data recovery expert in hopes of getting her pictures back.

"They're optimistic," Solta said, adding she expected to hear from them "late tomorrow, possibly early the next day."

Bradley Warford, 35, of Barrie, Ont., who was wanted on charges of break-and-enter and breach of parole, was arrested Thursday morning in downtown Toronto.

Const. Tony Vella said officers are looking at the possibility Warford was involved in similar thefts from hospitals and commercial buildings.

Tips from the community assisted officers with the investigation and helped to identify the suspect, Vella said.

Solta said she wanted to "thank all of the media, all the people of Toronto, and the Toronto police department because every one of you was needed to get this done."

"It's huge for me and my family," she said.

Officers involved in the case were on patrol in the downtown area when they came across a man acting suspiciously, Vella said. They spoke with him, realized who he was and arrested him, he added.

Solta said she hopes her case sends a message to anyone thinking of stealing from hospitals "that it's not acceptable and it won't be tolerated."

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