The North End


Boston’s Little Italy puts many a city’s Italian quarter to


Hundreds of amazing restaurants (and the famous Mike’s
) so you’ll not only be charmed by the old-world feel of the neighborhood
but will leave with a full belly.



Duck Boat Tour guide

The dorkier tourists on the Duck Boats (amphibious vehicles)
being forced to quack like ducks, and then be glad you're not one of them.

Also, the roar of the Fenway faithful as a Red Sox player
cranks one over the Green Monster – that’s what we call the back wall of the
pahk, er, park.


Mr. Bartley’s Burgers

In Cambridge’s Harvard Square this historic hole in the wall
is not only home to the best burgers in town, it’s also been host to the
biggest brainiacs in recent history.

Presidents, scholars, anyone who hits up the Harvard campus
always makes a trip. Burgers include The Barack Obama and The Bill Clinton.


Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee

Forget what coffee snobs say about the superiority of
Starbucks, Bostonians drink Dunkin’ Donuts coffee like they follow their sports
— with the focus of a meth freak looking for Sudafed.


Red Sox and Patriots gear

Bostonians are obsessed with their local teams. After a big
win cars will be overturned and trash cans will be torched. In these
circumstances, only a Red Sox or Pats jersey will save you.


The Public Gardens

Check out the manicured gardens in Boston Common, while
taking in historic buildings that border the park including yes, the bar that
was based on the famous American TV show, Cheers.


Bother with Faneuil Hall

It’s a market place loaded with overpriced stores,
restaurants and cheesy “Irish” pubs. No Bostonian worth their salt would waste
time in the vapid commercial space for uninformed tourists.


"Wicked awesome"

The best way to compliment a native is to express it as only
a true Bostonian would. But don’t do the full Matt Damon Good Will Hunting.
That’s just wicked obnoxious.

Don’t say

“Quincy” “Peabody” “Hot Dog” and “Popcorn”

Bostonians have their own way of pronouncing pretty much
everything. Local town Quincy, is pronounced “Quinzee” and Peabody, “P-b’dee.”
Hot dog is “hut dawg” and popcorn is “pupkawn.”