Tim Wieclawski/metro Ottawa


Professional matchmaker Linda Miller discusses Metro reporter Tracey Tong’s love options recently.


All my life, I’ve dreamed of getting married.

Like most little girls, I wanted it all — the white dress, the flowers, and most of all, finding the love of my life.

So now, at 28, I admit that I’m just a little worried that he hasn’t shown up on bended knee.

Because modern women don’t wait, I decided to take action this Valentine’s Day. I met matchmaker Linda Miller recently to see what miracles she could work for me.

Petite and friendly, it’s easy to feel at ease around Miller. And indeed, the Ottawa-area resident wants you to think of her as a cousin or an aunt — someone who will be an advocate for you, yet knows people who you wouldn’t otherwise meet in your social circle.

A professional matchmaker for the last 14 years, the owner of Misty River Introductions has matched up thousands of people in the Ottawa area, including her sister and mother’s friend.

"Matchmaking is making a comeback," she said.

On average, people meet someone special within three matches, she said. An astounding 80 per cent of these matches will be married.

"Fortunately, marriage is still the ideal in society," she said. "If someone falls in love, they want to get married. It hasn’t changed. Most women your age are looking to get married and have families."

I’m terrified that she’s going to tell me I’m doomed to be alone for the rest of my life. As a single woman in her late 20s trudging through what seems to be a picked-over, ever-shrinking pool of eligible men, things can look pretty bleak. But Miller gives me more good news.

"Men tend to be very ready to marry around the 30 mark," she said.

Also, being a transient community, Ottawa tends to bring in a lot of new faces.

There are definite advantages to starting later, including making better choices, Miller said. Still, she doles out some hard-lined advice.

If you’re serious about finding a match, you should learn within the first three or four dates whether your potential love interest wants children or whether they see themselves being married, she said.

"You have to be careful about wasting the next five years," said Miller. "You don’t want to waste time with someone who doesn’t generally have the same goals as you. You need to be up front about it," she said.

"Lay your cards on the table. If you don’t have the same goals, you move on."