The objectives of NSCAD University’s new Introduction to Film Production class are pretty simple, says its instructor.

“We’re going to cover as many basics as we can jam in a short period of time,” says David Middleton.

These basics include casting, set design and scene selection, although Middleton hopes to plant a seed in the students’ minds.

“Some people are going to go past that sort of surface,” he says. “Some people are going to find an interest in cinematography and hopefully they will explore it. I hope it’s about introducing people to things.

“Hopefully they go past it and use me as a resource to just keep digging and digging and discovering things,” he adds.

Middleton is an independent filmmaker who has made over 20 short films. The 53-year-old has been teaching at NSCAD on and off for the past 20 years. He hopes the course will allow students to connect with each other.

“I’m hoping that … a few of them find some sort of kindred spirit in there, someone who they can connect with and that they will head off in that group of two, that group of three, that group of five or six and they’ll start doing stuff together,” he says.

“One of the most enjoyable parts of it is that film is collaborative,” says Middleton.

“There’s a whole auteur thing where you can do it by yourself, but you know that it’s not nearly as much fun as having five or six or 20 people help you do it, (when) you get that many minds working in one direction, it just gets better and better with every voice.”

Students will have assignments to work on every week, such as working on a storyboard or taking a look at a shooting location and figuring out how they would light it for a shoot. He also hopes to have students do some writing as well.

The course consists of eight weekly sessions, running Wednesday nights from May 12 to June 30. The cost is $250 (HST included).