Our diet doesn’t only affect our weight, but our mood and brain health. Nutritionist Susan Kleiner, author of the Good Mood Diet tells Metro how to control your mood through your food.

Is there such a thing as good and bad mood foods?
Of course. Different foods have different functions that have both long and sort terms effects on out body and mind. Some foods, like fish oil, are great because of their anti-inflammatory properties that promotes brain health. Eggs contain the compound coline that is responsible for every thought and movement in the body. In terms of bad mood foods, fried food and foods high in pro inflammatory fats such as sunflower oil and bean oil will mean the body heals more slowly and people feel more sluggish.

Do you think having rituals and habits to stick to helps?
Rituals and habits help people keep calm, as we know what’s coming.

How important is serotonin for our mood?
Serotonin is the brain's natural up-lifter, so it is crucial in determining our mood. Dairy foods, especially milk, contain high levels of trypohan, which builds serotonin in the brain.

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