Victim was held captive for 8 days

Graham McMynn, who was held captive for eight days in April 2006, says he was a pawn in a twisted extortion scheme that his captors hoped would net them hundreds of thousands of dollars.



The 24-year-old testified in B.C. Supreme Court yesterday that his five kidnappers claimed that they were paid by another party to abduct him.



"I asked them why they picked me and they said that they were basically contracted from another group," he said, adding that his captors said that the proposition was first offered to someone else who declined it.

Earlier reports stated that McMynn had been targeted because his father is a wealthy businessman.

"He was asking whether I thought my parents would pay to get me back," he said. "I think I told him if they were asking for $100,000 they definitely would; for $500,000, they would try to do that; if it was more than $1 million they would have to figure out how to do that."

McMynn said one of the kidnappers also expressed concern that the party that hired them would not fulfill its end of the deal.

"They were saying that they might have to go and shoot up the other group and take possession of me," he said. "They talked about how much they would ask (my parents) for … I believe the number was $10 million, but I’m not certain of that."

McMynn was driving his girlfriend to the University of B.C. on April 4, 2006 when a car cut him off and two men forced him out at gunpoint. During the eight-day ordeal, he was transported between three houses in Surrey, East Vancouver and Nanaimo and was often blindfolded and bound with zip ties. McMynn was also threatened with rape, being shot and having his hands cut off.

Five men — José Hernandez, Anh The Nguyen, Josh Ponicappo, Sam Tuan Vu and Van Van Vu — were charged with unlawfully confining McMynn Monday.

The trial is expected to last four months.

precise knowledge

  • Graham McMynn was also surprised to learn that the kidnappers knew his family had a Ferrari and a Mercedes.