“I was suicidal for three years.”

Jeff Collins is very honest when he talks about the motorcycle accident that caused the amputation of his leg and left his other limbs severely damaged. But he credits a strong circle of friends and his own determination for pulling him through the dark moments of his recovery.

Unable to find a properly fitting prosthetic, Jeff went to school to learn how he could make them. While working on a plan to start his own business, his beloved dog Stash injured her leg. Surgery was too expensive. Jeff was heartbroken until he realized he could use the human techniques he had learned and make his dog a knee brace. Stash got better and Collins’ technology is now used around the world, from Australia to Europe.

Today, Jeff Collins celebrates the day that changed his life because it marked a turning point for him and the ground breaking technology he pioneered. It’s his patients that give him the most joy.

“They look up at me with eyes of gratitude and wagging tails. I’m so happy I can help these animals.”

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