Should you kiss your partner goodnight or check your Facebook page one last time?


Apparently, Facebook wins for many of us in this city.


An Angus Reid survey done for Bacardi found many Torontonians who use social media admit the last thing they do at night, and the first thing they do in the morning, is reach for an electronic device and check their emails.


About 80 per cent of people in Toronto or Montreal reach for their cellphones or smartphones rather than their partners.

But late-night romance may fare better in Quebec, where only nine per cent say they are never without the devices.

Almost one in four Atlantic Canadians report always having their mobile communications gadget at hand.

But Canadians admit that all the texting, tweeting, Facebook updating and emailing still doesn’t take the place of good old face-to-face contact.

Ellen Karp, a social anthropologist and author, is quoted in the Bacardi release as saying,

“While social media is quick and efficient, there is no replacement for one-on-one time with close friends and family.”

But perhaps most worrisome for Toronto’s men, more than half of Canadian women between 18 and 44 can’t imagine life without reaching out and touching someone — online.