First of all, Rebecca Javeleau’s 15th birthday party is off.

Yeah, we know you’re disappointed. But her mom was worried that she didn’t have enough folding chairs for 21,000 people. And the backyard is a little small.

Javeleau, a resident of Harpenden in eastern England, recently posted invites on Facebook.

Apparently, she didn’t properly understand her privacy settings. The invite was made public.

So a party that she hoped to hold for 15 friends suddenly garnered 21,000 RSVPs, the Telegraph reported. That’s nearly as many people as live in Harpenden.

Among the promised (fake) guests: Justin Bieber, Stevie Wonder and Stephen Hawking. He would have brought his own chair.

Javeleau’s mother, Tracey Livesey, has since cancelled the Oct. 7 party. However, local police said they are stepping up patrols in her neighbourhood lest any crashers show up.

“Rebecca did not understand the privacy settings, and she has lost her Internet as a result of that,” Livesey said.

“I’ve taken away her computer so she won’t make that mistake again.”

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