Mother says assault suspect ‘afraid of her own shadow’

The mother of a woman charged with assaulting a city drag queen says her daughter needs witnesses who have posted to Facebook to come forward on her behalf.


“This is wrong. For her to be charged, no, this is wrong. My daughter has never done anything to anybody, she is afraid of her own shadow,” said Bonnie Rand, the mother of 29-year-old Sheri-Lee Rand, one of two people charged following an altercation that left Michael Marcil, also known as Dixie Landers, in a coma.


Rand and Andrew Lefebvre, 25, were charged June 28 with assault and assault causing bodily harm after Marcil was found with severe head injuries in a stairwell at the Center Town Pub on May 26.


But Rand said yesterday there is another victim of the dustup, and she has been working extra shifts to help pay for the estimated $10,000 worth of dental work that her daughter needs after being smashed across the face with a beer bottle in the altercation.

Police have not charged Marcil with an offence.

“Sheri has two small children,” Rand said. “She can’t even kiss her kids good night because she has something in her lip. They don’t know if it’s … glass, tooth or bone.”

Following the incident, chat room rumours suggested Marcil had been targeted in a hate crime, and that he didn’t receive proper care because he is gay, forcing a special meeting of Ottawa Police’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender liaison committee to quell the rumours.

Even the victim’s mother, Iris Hoffman, has rejected those accounts and now Rand hopes witnesses to the altercation at the pub will further help set the record straight.

“I am totally beside myself. They’ve painted her and Andrew as gay-haters, and they’re not.”

Rand said information she has read on online sites, such as Facebook, indicate some other patrons at the bar that night also support a different version of events.


  • The couple was attending a birthday celebration for a gay friend at the pub when the altercation took place, said Rand, who insists her daughter and Lefebvre did not start a fight.