For one Calgary man, adding to his family when both he and his wife were in their late 40s didn’t mean another birthing.

Wallis Manyfingers said that his wife’s niece, now-12-year-old Virginia Redcrow, had been in the foster care system for a few years before they were able to get through the red tape and give her a permanent home through legal guardianship.

“It’s a wonderful experience. Like having one of your own. You’re acquiring someone to teach ... a new part of the family,” he said.

Manyfingers felt it was a perfect fit because their biological daughter was 16, and they felt they had the room “in our home and in our hearts.”

There are still 3,000 kids in Alberta that need permanent homes and the Central Alberta Child and Family Services Authority is looking to find placement for them like Virginia found with her relatives.

At an Adoption Fair June 1, in Red Deer, workers will be presenting kids’ cases and talking with anyone interested in the process.

Families who already have adoptive children will also be there to give a real-life perspective.

“This is a really good opportunity for (visitors) to ask questions from those who have lived through it and benefited from it,” said Rhonda Coubrough, communications manager for the authority.

It will be held from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Black Knight Inn.

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