There could be as many as 600 counterfeit hair straighteners in Calgary and surrounding areas that may pose a safety risk to citizens, according to the RCMP.

Officials are concerned about the safety of past and potential buyers, as the quality of the products could cause fires or burning, according to RCMP Sgt. Patrick Webb.

“Citizens need to be aware that these counterfeit products are a potential fire hazard and could cause serious injury to the user,” Webb warned.

RCMP discovered the imposter products when they seized two fake Chi ceramic hairstyling irons from a 23-year-old allegedly trying to sell the products door-to-door in Regina.

“The thing about these is the legitimate product sells from $150 to $200 and these fake ones were going for $34.95,” Webb said.

Webb said if people suspect they may have a counterfeit item in their hands — which can range from batteries to iPods — they should check the packaging and instructions for grammatical errors.

“We found there were about a hundred grammatical errors in these instructions.”

Officials believe the suspect may have successfully sold the counterfeit products in southern Alberta, including Calgary, and ask that any potential victims come forward.