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Fall for sophisticated pops of colour

Leave the light, breezy tones of summer behind and turn to the deeper shades of the upcoming winter season.

As we prepare to welcome fall into our homes, we can officially leave the light, breezy tones of summer behind and turn to the deeper shades of the upcoming winter season.

The classic colours associated with autumn are burnt oranges, brick reds, dark plums and deep cranberries.

Bright, crisp colours feel less fashionable now and the colours of fall are dramatic, strong and exotically sophisticated.

Some may recognize these trendy tones as those that defined decor of the ’70s and ’80s (remember rust corduroy sofas and E-ZBrick faux walls?) but what goes around rarely comes back the same way.

Deep reds and rusty oranges have reappeared in more formal textures like silk, rather than the casual corduroy and heavy fabrics of their past lives.

Warm greys and cool taupes are still the ultimate neutral, but pops of spiced colour on a focal point or accessory are fun ways to bring in colour without a major commitment.

Adding small kicks of deep purple, brick red, rich pinks or dark orange to an accent wall, patterned pillow, glass lamp, or two side chairs in a living room can make a big impact with the trends.

The best way to incorporate the sophisticated drama of fall’s hottest hues is to contain it to small areas around your space.

Paint the inside walls of a coat closet in a bold, high-gloss colour and get a big burst of shine every time you open the door.

Perk up forgotten spaces like small ceiling areas in an entryway or powder room and add punch by simply painting your linen closet door a strong trend colour.

Beyond walls and ceilings, furniture can also be updated with a dash of drama.

The interior of an armoire or china cabinet could be painted or wallpapered to leave just a hint of colour and texture peeking through.

High-gloss provides sheen and shine, allowing hits of colour to really stand out while adding glamour.

Consider reupholstering your dining room seat cushions a rich purple, rust or cranberry to add a surprise of colour when dining.

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