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Fall TV’s crop

These eight new series just might bring you back for a second look.

These eight new series just might bring you back for a second look.

A Gifted Man (Global; premieres Sept. 23).

Dr. Michael Holt is a brilliant surgeon-to-the-stars whose manner makes Dr. House seem warm and cuddly. But then his ex-wife re-enters his life. The twist is, she’s dead.

Ringer (Global; premieres Sept. 13).

Eight years after Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar is back in a new series, and it’s a ring-a-ding-dinger. The first episode is full of twists that promise lots of juicy complications to come.

Person of Interest (Citytv; premieres Sept. 22).

A software genius and an ex-CIA agent believed to be dead: This is the duo who dedicate themselves to preventing bad things from happening. This edgy thriller links video surveillance with a computer program that identifies each “person of interest”.

Free Agents (CTV; premieres Sept. 14).

Alex is newly divorced and missing his kids. Helen is battling her loneliness with booze months after her fiancé’s untimely death. As co-workers in a high-profile PR agency, they share one ill-advised night of passion, then, post-tryst, must face each other in the office.

2 Broke Girls (Citytv; premieres Sept. 19).

Formerly wealthy Caroline is broke and disgraced after her Madoff-like dad is busted for his Wall Street piracy. She seeks refuge in a Brooklyn diner where she lands a job alongside likewise money-strapped Max, for whom waitressing is only one of two daily jobs.

Pan Am (CTV; premieres Sept. 25).

Revisiting the glorious dawn of the jet age in 1963, as compared with air travel today, is like comparing the Orient Express with VIA?Rail. Today’s flat-screen TVs on airline seatbacks don’t compensate for everything the passenger has lost since those grand days of Pan Am, and this first-class new drama is an eyepopping reminder.

New Girl (Citytv; premieres Sept. 20).

As a wounded survivor of the relationship wars, Jess Day is something of a younger variation on Liz Lemon. Jess is goofy and unguarded in her dealings with the world — and especially tone-deaf with men.

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