Rick Eglinton/Torstar NewS Service

Rick Eglinton/Torstar NewS Service


A sign company worker and a security guard haul away a piece of a sign yesterday that was blown off the CIBC?tower during Wednesday’s high winds. No injuries were reported

It was a yellow sheet of plastic, dangling from the 58th storey of a downtown building that halted traffic in the downtown core for 18 hours.

But the plastic — combined with the high winds — posed a danger and led to speculation the first "C" on the CIBC sign atop Commerce Court would come crashing down at the corner of King and Bay streets Wednesday night.

"Excessively high winds pulled off some of the acrylic plastic that covers the sign," said CIBC spokesperson Robert McLeod yesterday. "The sign itself is securely fastened to the building."

As a precaution, several intersections around 199 Bay St. were closed. Police redirected pedestrians and vehicles while the King Street streetcar was diverted during rush hours Wednesday evening and yesterday morning.

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