Flat footwear still the height of chic

The Gap’s new Audrey Hepburn displays play to the lowly flat’s resurfacing.


There’s a David and Goliath battle brewing in footwear trends this season — the humongous platform versus the demure ballet flat.

While designers are touting shoes with stratospheric soles as the latest and greatest thing to hit sidewalks, thank heavens there’s an array of flats to choose from to give your feet some reprieve after vertigo-inducing heels.

Which will emerge the winner by season’s end? The lowly flat is definitely the front runner. Just look at iconic pictures of Audrey Hepburn in her gamine flats in the Gap window displays. Years later, flats are still the height of chic.

Aldo, $79.99

Urban Behaviour, :$25.50

Old Navy, $29.50

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