When purchasing an unfinished new home, you get to put your stamp on every square inch. The tiles, the flooring, the fixtures all chosen by you, and installed by somebody else.

Sounds like a dream, right?

Selling real estate for more than 17 years, Century 21 Classic sales consultant Lynn Murray has a knack for knowing what works in a good home. Over the years, she’s also become the designer for many of the model homes in her developments. Her new project, Governor’s Brook, is a perfect example of how a homebuyer gets free reign of the design.

“When we match our families up with our designs, each family gets to personalize their own home, and really make it their own,” Murray said.

If you’re feeling flustered by fixtures — all of the other interior decisions — Murray suggests beginning with the kitchen cabinets. They might seem like a fairly minor decision, but are actually an important piece of the puzzle.

“The style of cabinets really determines how the rest of the house will flow,” Murray explained. “If you want a more formal design, I will choose more elegant cabinetry, and usually darker stain. Based on the cabinets you chose, you can move onto the flooring and go from there.”

For the model home at Governor’s Brook, Murray knew exactly what she wanted in a kitchen. “I wanted to bring in earthy tones — dark, rich woods — to make it very warm and inviting,” she said. “The open design makes the kitchen very spacious, so the warm colours give it a cozy, homey feeling.”

The warn tones helped to make the kitchen more family-friendly, but Murray says function is even more important than colour —especially when it comes to little ones.

“Families spend most of their time in the kitchen, and it brings a family together,” she said. “The kitchen at Governor’s Brook has a breakfast bar, so the kids can sit and help get supper ready. Mom and dad have the space to ‘do their thing’ and cook, but the kids are still able to be a part of it, and have their own working space.”

Located off Herring Cove Road, Governor’s Brook is a mix of single family, semi-detached and multiple family homes. “It’s an ideal area for families with young children,” said Murray, a mother with young children of her own. “Every home is unique.”

More details
• Homes at Governor’s Brook start at 1,428 square feet. For more information on homes at Governor’s Brook, please visit www.lynnmurray.ca.

– Heather Clarke is a Halifax-based writer with a penchant for pretty things.

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