Displaced men at Centre 110 homeless shelter need help, resident says

"There hasn’t been any interviews, there hasn’t been any sort of information session or anything like that."



Homeless families will have new digs in the New Year, but it comes at the expense of 59 spots for single men transitioning back into the community.


In a release regarding the sale of the Calgary Drop-in and Rehab Centre’s satellite facility Centre 110 to Inn from the Cold, an organization that focuses on temporary shelters for families, Centre 110 counsellor Brenda Ibecchi referred to assisting the displaced men.


“I have worked with each resident to create a transition plan that provides them with benchmarks for transitioning back into the community,” Ibecchi said in the release.

This all comes as news to one resident of Centre 110, whose name has been changed to Clyde upon request.

Clyde received his January departure notice on Nov. 2 — nearly six weeks ago.

“If they have (made arrangements) they certainly haven’t told us,” said Clyde, who finds temporary jobs at least three days a week despite a medical condition that makes labour-oriented work difficult. “We haven’t heard a word.”

Concern over the lack of assistance in making the transition out of Centre 110 is matched by the timing of the move. The centre’s residents are being asked to leave at the end of January, which traditionally is one of the coldest months in Calgary.

Both these factors are causing anxiety among some of the other Centre 110 clients, Clyde said.

“There hasn’t been any interviews, there hasn’t been any sort of information session or anything like that,” Clyde told Metro exclusively, adding that even questions to C110 staff have gone unanswered.

“It would be a helluva lot less stressful if we knew something.”

Clyde said he doesn’t expect Centre 110 or the Drop-In Centre to house him, but since he’s still transitioning, he said he feels as though the rug has been pulled out from under him.

Louise Gallagher of the Drop-In Centre was surprised to learn that the transition process hadn’t yet begun, but said that she expects the process will begin in earnest by the end of the year.

“We don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable or frightened about their future,” she said, noting that 40 spots could open up through Boardwalk Properties.

The sale of Centre 110 is expected to be complete early in 2008.