The families of Robert Pickton’s victims have yet to get closure in the deaths of their loved ones, a handful of family members said Thursday after the B.C. Court of Appeal dismissed the serial killer’s bid for a new trial.

Lynn Frey, whose daughter Marnie was one of the six women Pickton was convicted of killing, said she wants to bring her daughter’s remains home, but was told they would not be released until all appeals were exhausted.

“She’s in a better place, but I need to bring her home to make that complete,” Frey said. “Until she’s brought home that journey is not complete.”

A resolution may be even more elusive for the families of the other 20 women Pickton is accused of killing. Crown has said they would not seek a second trial if the conviction from the first trial stands.

Susie Kinshella, younger sister of murder victim Wendy Crawford, said Pickton should have gone to trial for the deaths of all 26 women.

“It’s very hard and very difficult after all these years to know that one day all these women and family members won’t get that closure,” Kinshella said.

“It doesn’t matter if they were on the street or if they were judges in the courtroom, we’re all human beings and we’re all entitled to justice.”

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