Many just relieved Pickton will be behind bars



rafe arnott/metro vancouver


Judy Trimble, mother of alleged Robert Pickton murder victim Cara Ellis, is hustled outside the New Westminster courthouse by a friend minutes after jurors found Pickton guilty on six counts of second-degree murder yesterday.


When the initial shock of a not-guilty verdict of first-degree murder had passed, the families of Robert Pickton’s victims reacted with relief and gratification to his conviction of second-degree murder.

Lori-Ann Ellis, sister-in-law of Cara Ellis, one of 20 additional women Pickton is charged with killing, said that while she would have preferred first-degree murder verdicts she was satisfied with the lesser verdicts of second-degree murder.

"Second degree is the same result," Ellis said. "And under the circumstances it’s the best we could have hoped for. It could have been worse. He could have been walking free today."

Ellis said she didn’t want Pickton to ever see sunshine again.

"I want it to be bitter and horrible in there," she said. "I hope they turn the heat off … I hope he’s cold and lonely. He deserves nothing less."

Elana Papin, sister of victim Georgina Papin, said the result was "something we can work with."

"I’m sure that my family is going to be at least a little comforted that he’s not going to be getting out. He’s not going be a free man and (will be) … ironically, in a pig pen."

Despite Pickton’s pending life sentence, some relatives of his alleged victims stressed their need for a second trial.

"I’m satisfied with the sentence," said Judy Trimble, mother of Cara Ellis. "But those other girls, and all those other missing girls, need their day (in court.)"