A Calgary man’s beaming tribute to his father has quickly turned into a Christmas tradition.

Sean Bain can recall fond memories of his father Garry appealing to neighbours to string at least one set of lights from their homes every holiday season.

When Garry passed away three years ago, Sean decided to use his knowledge as a professional electrician to take his home’s Christmas decor to a new level. The house on Berkley Close NW has now become an attraction for hundreds of curious individuals every year.

“It’s really important,” Sean said. “I love setting up the lights. I love seeing people’s expressions when they see them.”

This year’s edition features 11,000 lights and took the family 10 to 12 hours to set up. The set even comes complete with its own radio station, broadcasting Christmas tunes within a one-block radius on 100.1 FM from 5 p.m. onwards every night.

“It’s great, because people can listen in their cars and look at the lights,” said Sean’s wife, Tracy. “Hardly anyone lights up the street anymore. We try to get the Christmas cheer going.”

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