With Honda greats like the Prelude, NSX, S2000 and CRX all retired to that great big sports-car graveyard in the sky, it’s now the Honda Accord V6 Coupe that stands as the brand’s ultimate performance offering. This two-door version of Honda’s elemental family sedan has recently been updated in the cosmetic department, and now looks more alert, sharp and aggressive than ever.

That’s slightly more fitting, perhaps, for a performance flagship riding the same platform as one of the most sensible family rides on the road.

When driving, handling of the Accord is tidy overall, though enthusiast drivers will likely wish for a little less body roll, a little quicker steering and some more aggressive tires. The Accord Coupe isn’t a handling monster first and foremost, but it’s entertaining to push hard, not to mention comfortable, compliant and relatively quiet during cruising.

End of the day, the Accord Coupe’s surprising sensibility, as well as Honda’s reputation for reliability, quality and residual value will be big draws here. Shoppers after a muscular sports coupe that’s nearly as rational and level-headed as a family sedan won’t likely be disappointed.


Spacious coupe

As a four-door wearing a two-door’s body, the tester offered up a surprisingly generous back seat, easy entry and exit, a massive trunk, and a great forward view of the road.

No issue with space on board for a four-person road trip, and up front, the driver and passenger could easily forget they aren’t simply in a sedan.

Typical coupe-related compromises are largely eliminated, here.


Most will find the cabin styling modest and plain, an attribute embodied most heavily in the graphics of the infotainment system which are on par with the average gas station ATM machine.

This part of the Accord is in dire need of an update.


Under the testers’ hood, Honda’s 3.5-litre SOHC V6 engine dispenses 271 horsepower to the front wheels, thanks in part to the automaker’s proven VTEC valve timing system. Among other things, VTEC ramps up engine output and sound effects at higher revs, creating a delightfully peaky power-curve. Honda’s proven J35 Z3 powerplant sounds fantastic, loves to work and moves the Accord Coupe along like absolute heck.

A six-speed manual transmission took centre stage within the tester. It offered up a fairly slick shift action despite a longer throw, as well as a light and easygoing clutch.

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