The family of Surrey newlyweds seriously injured in a bus crash on the road to Cairo has arrived in Egypt to join them.

Jennifer Pannu, 25, and Richard El Adam, 31, were heading to the airport after their honeymoon when their bus drove into a ravine, rolled several times and exploded on Thursday.

Pannu had to have part of her left arm amputated and her spleen removed.

Steve Pannu told CBC News Online that El Adam was knocked unconscious in the crash and when he came to, he crawled back into the wreckage and dragged his wife out.

Pannu’s father said it’s not clear when the couple will be able to come home. His wife, daughter and brother left Surrey for Egypt on Saturday.

He said he’s been told the couple could be airlifted to a hospital in Paris, London or even British Columbia once they’re well enough to be moved.