The search continued yesterday for a missing Nova Scotia sailor who was scheduled to arrive in Bermuda last Monday after leaving Halifax on Nov. 9. for the lengthy trek on his 14-metre boat.

The sister of the missing solo yachtsman was holding out hope over the weekend he would be found alive as several planes swept a large swath of sea along the eastern seaboard in search of him.

Lucy Milroy said Saturday she remains convinced her brother, Hubert Marcoux, was swept off course in rough weather as he ventured from Halifax to Bermuda.


“I really believe he's alive and he's drifting,” she said from her Halifax home. “I believe that in my heart. I feel it.”

A search official in Norfolk, Va., said Saturday that fixed wing planes from the U.S. and Canada were covering 323,000 nautical square miles in the search for the experienced sailor.

A spokesman for the Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Halifax said Marcoux would have run into bad weather partway through his voyage as he faced winds up to 60 knots and 10-metre seas.

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