Family members of a man killed in a police shooting last year will be briefed today on the results of the investigation into his death, but have been told they won’t receive a copy of the written report.

John Simon died in a Baddeck hospital about three hours after being shot by an RCMP officer at a Katie Lane home on Dec. 2, 2008.

For months, the Wagmatcook band has demanded the release of the report into the investigation of the shooting, which was commissioned by the RCMP from Halifax Regional Police. Representatives of both police agencies will be on hand for the meeting with Simon’s family and Wagmatcook band council.


Brian Arbuthnot, the band’s director of operations, said the band was notified on Wednesday that the report had been submitted to the RCMP, that they would review it and the family would be contacted.

Today’s meeting will provide only a verbal briefing to the family and band and the RCMP has indicated the final report won’t be available for review.

“We haven’t been told why, we were just told it’s not available, they’ve indicated some privacy matters,” Arbuthnot said, adding the band is now reviewing its legal avenues for obtaining the report.

“There is a report, it’s there, the band council, the community and the family in particular, want to see what happened to John that evening.

RCMP spokesperson Brigdit Leger confirmed that meetings have been scheduled for today. She said that, under the Privacy Act, the RCMP is not permitted to release the criminal investigation file into Simon’s death.

Few details have been released about the shooting and some family members of the fisherman have disagreed with statements made by RCMP.

At the time of Simon’s death, an RCMP spokesperson said officers administered first aid and CPR to Simon at the scene, but would not say whether the man was carrying a gun when he was shot or whether shots were exchanged.

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