Sister’s DNA was found on farm of Robert Pickton



rafe arnott/metro vancouver


Ernie Crey, whose sister Dawn’s DNA was discovered on Robert Pickton’s farm, said yesterday he hoped a second trial would shed some light on her death.


When Ernie Crey learned that Robert Pickton might not go to trial for the remaining 20 women he is accused of killing, any hope he had of learning who killed his sister was dashed.

While Dawn Crey’s DNA was found on Pickton’s farm, he was not charged with her murder.

Crey said he hoped the second trial would bring to light answers regarding her disappearance. Without that trial, he said, he can only assume the mystery surrounding her death will never be solved.

“If they’re not going to proceed to trial with the balance of the 20 charges, why would they continue an investigation to find out who took my sister’s life?” said Crey.

On Wednesday he sent two letters to Oppal urging him to uphold the promise he made to the families of the remaining missing women.

He also asked for a death certificate and that his sister’s remains be returned to her son so they can carry out proper funeral rights.

“(They)’ve got me angry, (they)’ve disappointed me, I may never know what happened to my sister, but in the meantime … I want her remains returned,” Crey said.

“I feel let down by it all.”