We offer up a look around the region, as some of Scandinavia's most famous and notable natives share their favorite places. From an NHL goaltender to world-renowned jewelery designer, these big names will offer a glimpse into places for you to visit in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.



Goalie for the New York Rangers.

“My favorite retreat is Käringön, a beautiful island on the Swedish west coast that can only be reached by boat. There are no cars, and it has a very relaxed and calm atmosphere. I brought my friends from New York there last summer, a bigger contrast from our lives in the city is impossible to get.”



Thure Lindhardt

A Danish actor seen in movies such as ‘Flame & Citron’ and ‘Keep the Lights on.’

“Nothing beats Copenhagen; the fresh air and the clean streets. It’s unlike any other big cosmopolitan city. The Vesterbro neighborhood is my favorite. It’s the perfect blend: an exciting environment of diversity and creativity, full of beautiful galleries and cozy cafes.”


Shabana Rehman

A Norwegian-Pakistani comedienne.

“Northern Norway is a place where the Midnight Sun can be experienced, and where you can meet the indigenous population of Norway, the Samis, and their wilderness with reindeer and lavvo tents. The ‘Paris of the North,’ Tromsø, with its hip and trendy night-life. Northern Norway must be experienced. Once — and you will never forget it.”



Jewelry designer.

“One of my absolute favorite places in Stockholm is a path called Monteliusvägen in the southern part of Stockholm. A wonderful walk overlooking our beautiful city with a fantastic view. Here you can see why Stockholm is called Venice of Scandinavia with the water surrounding Gamla Stan and Kungsholmen.”


Vebjørn Sand

A Norwegian painter & installation artist, with a gallery in West Village.

“Norwegians often say: ‘We are a small people, up there on our hill.’ However, this consistently changing and dramatic landscape has given birth to many acknowledged and world-class painters, poets, composers, mathematicians, explorers and scientists.”



Danish chef & partner of Copenhagen’s Aamanns Restaurant. He is opening a restaurant in Manhattan’s Tribeca District in spring 2012.

“My favorite thing about Copenhagen is the open spaces and sense of freedom. I especially enjoy spending time in Copenhagen’s many parks and green areas with my family.”

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