Yankees fans made their way into Modell’s in Astoria on Thursday to purchase merchandise in celebration of the Bronx Bombers’ championship. The doors opened at 5 a.m. By 9:30 things were going full throttle, with Yankees caps sold out and store personnel, including the manager, ringing at all registers.


Angelica Thomches, 73, bought a Yankees bib to indoctrinate her unborn grandson. Costa Constantinides, 34, Astoria, picked up a Yankees bib and pennant for his 5-1/2 month-old boy. “I wanted for him what my dad did for me,” said Constantinides whose father hung a 1978 pennant in his room when he was 3.


Thomches was happy to spend $150 for just a few items.


As for critics who say everything about the Yankees smacks of money? “If [the team] has that little extra, why shouldn’t they get paid,” said Thomches. “I have nothing against Steinbrenner for doing that.”