Stampeder’s fans drowned their sorrows in pubs and homes across the city as the red and white fell to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Nicholas Kalmbach, 21, said he was more than disappointed with the loss — he is heartbroken.

“I’m a huge fan and I’m just shocked. I really thought we would take this one and win the Grey Cup in our own city next weekend. It’s hard to even put this into words,” he said after the 27-17 loss.

Fans were left shaking their heads at what went wrong in the second half, though Roughrider fans were basking in the win, exploding into cheers as the game clock ticked down.

“This is indescribable. Everyone said we would finish in last and here we are proving them wrong and heading to the Grey Cup in Calgary. It’s amazing,” Erin Walton said, donning her green and white face paint.

Courtney Anderson said while she is an avid Stamps fan she will hit the Grey Cup game anyway.

“I have tickets to the game already but it won’t be the same. I’m definitely going to wear my Stampeders jersey anyways to show my support for who should really be playing,” she added.

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