They may be neighbours geographically but these two teams have a deep-rooted rivalry amongst their fans — at least in Calgary.

As Spain took on Portugal in World Cup action yesterday, fans clad in similarly coloured red jerseys took to pubs to watch the action.

Spain fan Paúl Lara spent the lunch hour eating wings and watching the game at Melrose on 17th.

He said while he doesn’t hate Portugal, he was definitely cheering loud when Spain beat their close neighbours 1-0 to advance to play Paraguay in the quarter-finals.

“There is that rivalry because they are so close, and that’s what happens, but I’m so happy they won. I think Spain is a really good and fast young team,” Lara said.

Portugal fans were not as happy to see their team lose, but Neddal Assaf said he has other teams to cheer for now.

“I really am going for Brazil now. I would have liked to seen Portugal, but I think now I will keep cheering for Brazil.”

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