Metro asked Canucks fans in New Zealand and Germ­any about the challenges of watching hockey abroad.

Q: How are you following the games?

Andrew Raun, Germany: On and CBC.
Katherine Purvis Mignon, Germany: In our living room on ESPN America.
Allyson Colgan, New Zealand: I am streaming live on my computer and projecting it onto our flat 45-inch TV.

Q: Who do you watch the games with?

Andrew: I watch alone. The only other NHL hockey fan I know here is a Flames nut.
Katherine: By myself, unfortunately.
Allyson: I am converting my Kiwi roommates. They have even watched when I have to work.

Q: Do you have any superstitions while watching games?
Andrew: For playoffs I don’t shave and wear my Canucks ball cap.
Katherine: No. I just enjoy watching the plays.
Allyson: I have to drink beer or they will lose.

Q: What’s the hardest thing about watching from abroad?
Andrew: Finding a place that pre-records the games or will even show them. Most American bars show American football.
Katherine: Not being able to attend live NHL games.
Allyson: I miss watching in Vancouver pubs, yelling at the TV with my friends and making up funny nicknames for other teams’ players.

Q: If the Canucks make it all the way, would you fly home?
Andrew: Unfortunately, no. Though it would be fun to pop into Doolin’s, have a Stella and watch the winning game!
Katherine: I wish! Too expensive.
Allyson: I wish!

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