A COLOURFUL WEEKEND: The business community had its chance to say thanks and farewell to one of its own this week with a going-away party for Fred MacGillivary. The Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame hosted the event, a place near and dear to MacGillivray’s heart. Unfortunately, the guest of honour was already gone by the time I arrived, but there was a reasonable facsimile on hand.

Canada’s ballet royalty was in town this week to help raise money for Halifax Dance. Karen Kain is the face of ballet in Canada, and is now the artistic director for the National Ballet of Canada. Saturday’s Black Tie gala introduced her to the best of the best here in Nova Scotia.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Not So Serious Side of Sex overtook Bubbles Mansion. Local “sexperts” like Halifax Downtown Coun. Dawn Sloane, lawyer and television personality Candy Palmeter, and Sexy Girl owner Rachel Dodds were pitted against each other to test their knowledge of all things sexual. It was enough to make this humble Scene Servant blush!