One thing Farrah Fawcett would have appreciated during the course of her very public, battle with cancer: Privacy. But that is the one thing she never received, reports.

“It’s much easier to go through something and deal with it without being under a microscope,” says the terminally ill star, 62. “It was stressful. I was terrified of getting the chemo. It’s not pleasant. And the radiation is not pleasant.”

Speaking to a reporter for the first time since she was diagnosed with anal cancer in September 2006, the actress granted an interview to Charles Ornstein, formerly of the Los Angeles Times, which will be published Monday, in anticipation of Farrah’s Story, a two-hour NBC documentary Fawcett filmed with her friend Alana Stewart. It airs this Friday.

Her harshest words were saved for the often-exaggerated stories about her illness that were published by a supermarket tabloid, a situation that caused her, she says, to establish a sting operation at the UCLA Medical Center to catch snooping employees who were leaking information about her condition to the publication.

Reacting to a December 2006 story headlined, Farrah Begs: ‘Let Me Die,’ Fawcett, speaking in her home, told the Times: “God, I would never say something like that. To think that people who did look up to me and felt positive because I was going through it too and yet I was strong ... it just negated all that.”

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