The troubled son of Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal went before L.A. judge Scott T. Millington on Friday after violating his probation and there being traces of heroin in his rehab treatment room on April 5, intouch reports.

Redmond O’Neal told the judge he was concerned about his mother, Fawcett, who has been battling cancer for three years and was just released from the hospital.

“I want to be there for my mom, who is really sick. She is laying in bed and weighs 86 pounds and I am really upset with myself,” O’Neal told the judge.

After the judge told O’Neal, 24, he did not want to see him back in court again, he asked O’Neal if he was serious about completing a drug treatment program. O’Neal replied, “Yes, I want treatment. I really want to do it.”

O’Neal was told by Judge Millington that he will remain in custody in an L.A. jail and his next court date will be April 30 for violating probation from a DUI and a drug possession case involving his father in 2008.