This summer it should be easy for all of us to look good regardless of how adventurous, shy, flirty or cool we’re feeling. Style By Jury’s fashion stylist David Clemmer says the trends for summer 2007 range from classic tailoring, minimalism, and black & white opposites to ruffles, pleats, and frothy fabric garnishes.


Florals, prints, polka dots and stripes are everywhere this summer. Clemmer especially loves florals, which can be seen in small prints, but also in prints of massive blooms on key items such as jackets, dresses and shirts.


“This is a great way to dress on trend and mix in existing pieces from your wardrobe in taupes, navys and greys,” he says.

This season you can also make the break with fall and winter by embracing bright colours. Bright pink, green, red, and yellow are all hot this summer. You’ll find them in shorts, casual tops, jackets, and 1970s revival dresses. If you’re not feeling bold enough to go all out, you can restrict the bright colours to separates. Consider a great pair of jeans wrapped with a bright blue belt, or a pair of tan capris with a red or lemon yellow tee.

Another trend is black and white. This combo is showing up everywhere. You can make this fly by going for separates: dress and leggings or skirts and tops. Or you can find individual pieces with contrast at the hem, cuff or collar.

The trend to metallic colours is still going strong, and is showing up in this season’s suits, pants, and dresses. Feeling too shy to make the scene in a metallic gold dress? Then test the look with blazing silver bag and gold shoes. Mixing metallics is no longer a fashion faux pas and is actually encouraged.

Or, if you want to keep it simple, you’ll be in good company with minimalism. You can get this classic look with clean lines in a pantsuit or dress. Match it with a bag and shoes in the same colour family.

But no matter what the fabric or the pattern, the one thread that runs through this summer’s look is classic tailoring. “What you want is that desired silhouette defining the waistline,” Clemmer says. “Great thing with proper tailoring: you can decide exactly where that waistline should be.”

Above all, Clemmer says, you should have fun with fashion. One of his favourite trends this season is seeing the classics executed in sheer filmy fabrics, or punched up with frilly collars or lacy hems, and sporting pleats and ruching for texture and camouflage. “It’s all about using fashion to make you look and feel better,” he says.

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