Wonton King
104 Meridian Rd. N.E.,
(403) 272-2332

Rating: *** 1/2
Low $: Crispy wontons, $2.69
High $: Seafood wor wonton, $10.49

Wonton King does two kinds of belly-busters: old-school trucker breakfasts and gigantic bowls of wor wonton.

It’s the latter that sets it apart. For a mere $8.99, I’m presented with a steaming bowl of six fat wontons, sliced barbecued pork, noodles, crunchy broccoli, carrots, and baby corn in a delicious clear broth.

For $2 more as a combo, I get two super meaty — and not doughy — dumplings and a drink. Piping hot spring rolls ($2 as combo or $4.19 for 2) are packed with flavour.

Pile on spoonfuls of Wonton King’s homemade garlic chili hot sauce, which is shockingly better than my auntie’s and so good it’s available for sale at the counter.

Wonton King (which changed its name from King’s Restaurant to branch out into three other locations) knows how to get you in and out quickly without sacrificing its humble charm. Servers will likely call you sweetie whether it’s your first or 25th visit.

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